Most Universal Mistakes on Spousal Sponsorship Application

Most Universal Mistakes on Spousal Sponsorship Application

It’s been a few years you’ve worked a stable job in Canada, and now you think it’s time to settle down with your family?

So, what do you do? You fill in the form and apply, right? However, the procedure isn’t as simple as it looks? Any mistake on your application can nullify the form. Hence, it’s wise to consult a sponsorship lawyer Toronto to avoid making the following mistakes –

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  1. Incorrect answers or numbers in your form

Only answer questions which you know. Incorrect choice of answer in the spousal application form will render your form invalid.

  1. Using outdated forms

One thing applicants of spousal sponsorship should know is the Canadian government is very thorough when it comes to the application process.

So, if by mistake you end up filling old outdated application forms, then they will instantly nullify your application. Hence, either make sure you use the latest version of spousal sponsorship forms or consult your sponsorship lawyer Toronto for guidance.

  1. Do not leave sponsorship forms blank

Often it can be possible that your sponsorship form has questions you’ve no clue about. In that case, don’t leave it blank; because if you do, the Canadian government might presume that you’ve suspicious intentions.

Instead, for answers you’ve no clue, give an N/A or not applicable to prevent rousing questions.

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  1. The incorrect fingerprint can cause rejection

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police require the fingerprint of both you and your spouse done by verified sources. For the spouse, the local police in his residential area require to do the fingerprinting.

Hence, don’t go for simply attaching your fingerprint in the paper and submitting it. That procedure is outdated and won’t work.

To follow the legal procedures you can also ask the assistance of any sponsorship lawyer Toronto.


  1. Lying in one’s application form

Telling lies in the sponsorship form may be done in good faith. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a federal crime. Hence, to avoid unforeseen circumstances avoid telling lies in your spousal application form.

  1. Failing to provide proper documentation

For filing for a spousal sponsorship application, one should have proper documentation to support their claim. Inability to provide proper documentation makes the claim of sponsorship weigh less. Hence, provide as much documentation as you cab like images, emails, social media interactions, greeting cards, receipts of money etc.

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Now, that you know of the common errors made, here are a few things you need to know about sponsorship application eligibility –

  • Either be a registered Indian, Canadian or permanent citizen in the country of residence.
  • Sign an agreement with your spouse saying that both of you are privy to the rules and regulations of the procedure.
  • Provide documentation to support the fact that you have enough income to support your spouse.
  • Be above 18 years of age.

Well, hope you are clear with the mistakes to avoid and eligibility criteria? Now, quickly select a sponsorship lawyer Toronto today to walk you through the legal proceedings and give you quick results yielding a positive outcome.

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