How to Deal With Fake Criminal Assault Charge?

How to Deal With Fake Criminal Assault Charge?

Are you facing any kind of assault charges? You might be well aware of the fact that any kind of assault charges can affect the life of a person. In case, you feel that you have been falsely accused of criminal assault charges, get in touch with a Criminal lawyer Toronto immediately. The attorney will ensure that the life of their clients don’t get worse than ever.

It is very common that sometimes an innocent person may be falsely accused of a criminal charge. Any kind of assault charge, like domestic violence or sexual assault can cost a lot to the accused. They might lose their job. It can also affect their reputation and hamper their personal reputation. Whatever may be the allegation, a person when charged with assault is immediately taken into custody for questioning.

According to top rated criminal lawyer, David Genis, false allegations are placed by one spouse against other in order gain undue advantage. Maybe one partner is having a tiff with other partner. Hence, one might falsely accuse the other person of domestic violence in order to take revenge. In fact, there have been reports of many such instances. However, any kind of assault charges need to be verified by the Criminal lawyer Toronto as well as by the court. Only if the charges are verified, then the accused can be sent to jail. Or else, the accused can walk free out from jail.

How The Lawyers Can Help You?

A criminal attorney points out that until and unless an accused is taken into custody and interrogated, one shouldn’t just manifest their innocence.

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As it is possible to get falsely charged with criminal assault, it would be better to take the advice of criminal attorney. The criminal lawyers will first investigate the charges. Once the attorney learns the charges which have been pressed against their client they can find gaps in the case and decide the possible defense that can be taken.

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Question Witnesses

Toronto criminal attorney on learning the charges being false can easily take every possible defense. For instance, the lawyer can question several witnesses in order to learn about the authenticity of the allegations. They may try to find out from the witnesses the reason behind the charges pressed. Most importantly, a criminal attorney will check out of if the police conducted the investigation properly.

Prepare Defense

In most cases, the attorneys can come up with evidences to prove the charges false and get the case dismissed. Alternatively, the attorney will try to prove the innocence of their client, by proving their client has done nothing.

Criminal lawyer Toronto points out that a person is innocent until their guilt is proved. Only when the prosecutor is able to provide evidence of criminal assault, the person can be considered guilty beyond reasonable doubt. For all criminal assault cases, like sexual assault or domestic violence, a person can be convicted and can be thrown to jail along with heavy fine.

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Innocent people facing fake criminal assault charges should take the help of skilled Criminal lawyer Toronto. The lawyer having complete knowledge of the system can provide best possible defense.