The Alberta Labour History Institute (ALHI) Centennial Website was made possible by the financial support of Heritage Canada and Athabasca University, as well as the generous donations of a number of trade unions and other working class organizations. We thank the volunteers, contractors, and staff who contributed hundreds of hours of work to complete this project, including:

Members of the Centennial Project Oversight Committee: Winston Gereluk (Chair), Dave Werlin (President, ALHI), Jack Hubler, Alvin Finkel, Jennifer Kelly, Ursule Critoph, Jeff Taylor, Gordie Thomas, Donna Coombs-Montrose, Gary Hansen (Aspen Foundation), Garnett Robinson

Contractors and Staff: Joan Schiebelbein (research), Ron Patterson (research and graphic design), Michael Schiebelbein (website development, IMWorks), Karen Werlin, Judy Lederer, Don Bouzek (D.Active), Joanne Janzen, Kim Green, Eduardo Martinez, Jaro Malanowski, Sheryle Carlson, Carole Villeneuve (Les traductions ALTEC Translations Inc.), Rose Marie Sackela (Aspen Foundation)

Road Show Hosts and Primary Contacts: Noel Lapierre, Hinton Region; Lorraine Stallknecht, Fort McMurray Region; Dave Condon and Barry Finkelman, Medicine Hat Region; Diane Peterson, Crowsnest Pass Region; Gord Christie, Calgary Region; Lena Shellian, Canmore Region

Special thanks to Notre Dame des Bananes for the opening song, Keep on Walking Forward.

Our sincere thanks to the hundreds of individuals who participated in the meetings, interviews, material collection, and other activities associated with this project. Their names appear in the appropriate places on this website.