The Alberta Labour History Institute (ALHI) was founded in 1999 by a group of trade unionists, community activists, archivists, and historians who decided to take the first steps to collect, preserve, and publicize the stories of Alberta’s working people and their organizations.

Our work has steadily grown, as we: conduct interviews that are preserved on videotape and typed transcripts; collect, catalogue, and preserve records, correspondence, photos, and publications and provide instruction to holders; produce an Alberta Labour History Calendar, a ‘living history’ of events in Alberta; cooperate annually with the Edmonton Public Library to host a Labour History Day; provide material in written, picture, and digital form to other history projects; make presentations to trade unions and other organizations to tell labour’s story as widely as possible; and work with producers to create television, video, and audio for productions.

This website and the Labour History Road Show were funded by a Centennial Project grant from Heritage Canada, generous donations from Athabasca University and unions, and the volunteer work of ALHI members. The stories, pictures, and information on this website have been collected over the years and were greatly added to by the Road Show.

Our aim is to educate Albertans and Canadians about an important part of their history that would otherwise not be readily available. With the creation of this website, our resources are now available to schools, colleges, and universities in Alberta and across Canada to use for research and teaching purposes. What is contained here is not a complete history of working people in Alberta. As part of our ongoing work, this website is also a way to collect additional stories and historical artefacts.

To tell us a story or send us pictures or artefacts you think should be here on the website, or if you are interested in learning more about ALHI, starting a Chapter in your community, or making a financial contribution to support our work, please email us.