4 Things Parents Need To Know About Canada’s Family Class Sponsorship Programs

4 Things Parents Need To Know About Canada’s Family Class Sponsorship Programs

With huge number of immigrants traveling and settling in Canada, it has become very important for the immigrants to remain updated about the latest polices. One immigration program which has become the talk of the town is the Family Class Sponsorship program. According to many immigration lawyer Toronto, dependent children can be sponsored with the help of children. Children sponsorship programs also falls within the family sponsorship program and hence bringing a child to stay in Canada isn’t very difficult.

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Sponsoring a Dependent Child

The Canadian government believes in reuniting Canadian immigrants with their families. As it is their first priority, it tries to accept huge number of family sponsorship applications on a daily basis. In case the application has been properly filed, then family members as well as children can easily immigrate to Canada. Hence, IRCC decided to bring some changes within the program.

With the changes in the program, the processing time became much faster. Although the process of immigrating families became streamlined, some changes within the program have been rightly pointed by immigration and children sponsorship lawyers.


Things Which Parents Need To Keep In Mind


Four things which parents need to keep in mind when sponsoring their dependent children for immigration to Canada are mentioned below. They are:

  • Immigration

The goal of family class sponsorship program is to sponsor your dependent child so that they can also get permanent resident status in Canada. Permanent residents or Canadian citizen over 18 years of age can sponsor children from abroad. To sponsor, the child should be minimum 19 years of age and not more than 22 years of age.

In order to sponsor a child or any other family members, it is important to sign an Undertaking with the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. It would conform that you would be sponsoring the person for a minimum of three or ten years.

  • Health Coverage

Another thing which should not be overlooked by the sponsor is to ensure the sponsored person qualifies for the health plans. In order to learn which health problem is applicable for the child, one can easily check the sites. For qualifying, the parent who is the permanent resident should provide a proof of residency, bank statements and many other things.

  • Housing

Any parent before going for Toronto immigration lawyer consultation should be able to arrange for a proper house for the kids when they arrive to Canada. The housing should be able to look after the basic needs of the children, like play area for the kid.

  • Funding

It is vital for the immigration process. Parents should be able to prove that they can support the educational and other needs of the child. A good bank balance can ensure all basic needs of the child are met.

If you want to bring your child to Canada, take the help of immigration lawyer Toronto. The family class sponsorship program can allow a Canadian citizen or any permanent resident of Canada to sponsor their family member and bring them to Canada. Read more about the benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer here!

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